Welcome to Neptune!

Welcome back after the Summer holidays! We have had a very busy first week in Neptune class and all have settled incredibly well into life in year 4.

This week we have mainly been spending the week getting to know each other but we have started to work on our first experience which is all about the Anglo Saxons. The children are really excited about this and have learnt a huge amount of information already!

In literacy we have been looking at the traditional Anglo Saxon book Beowulf and have started to investigate the writing of legends and how these change of time. We have discovered that a key feature of legends is a mythical creature and so the children have designed their own mythical creatures and we have written a character description of these this week.

There will be no homework this week, more information regarding homework will be sent home next week.

Our P.E. day is on Tuesday, the class are being taught P.E. by Mrs Ski for this term and will receive both of their P.E. sessions on Tuesday afternoon. If I could ask that children have earrings removed and hair tied up for Tuesday’s please.



Happy Summer Holiday!

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for all the lovely gifts both myself, Mrs George and Miss Ash all received from you all. Especially all the very thoughtful home made cards that the children have made.

Thank you for lending me your children for the year, it has been an absolute pleasure teaching them this year and I very much look forward to seeing what they can achieve as they move into year 5 next year.

Have a fabulous Summer holiday, I look forward to seeing you all in September!

Thank you once again for the lovely gifts!

Miss Hodgkinson : )

Penultimate week….

This week we have been finishing off our Ancient Egyptian experience. We have been busy writing information leaflets about the Ancient Egyptians using what we have learnt throughout our experience and also using the internet to help us with some research.

In maths we have been finishing off our maths unit of statistics and using what we have learnt to collect our own data. We collected some class data using a tally chart and then used this data to create a bar chart. Some of collected continuous data about our heart rates and used this data to create a line graph.

Earlier in the week we learnt about teeth and keeping our teeth healthy. We learnt about the different types of teeth and the functions of each of the different teeth. We made a model of the mouth using marshmallows as teeth! Later in the week we made an Egyptian shaduf, we had a go at making these previously using straws and white tac so this lesson we were able to improve our designs using a range of materials. Some of us had a go at trying to make a pulley system!

This week we have been putting the final touches to our stories and writing them up in neat so that we can share them with you all on open evening next week. We are really excited to share them with you and show you all how hard we have been working on our writing this year. Later on in the week, we moved on to researching information about the Ancient Egyptians as we are going to be creating an information text about the Ancient Egyptians. This week we have focused on researching information and how important it is to take notes from websites and books rather than copy information from a web page. As we find out more and more information about the Ancient Egyptians, this will really help us writing our information texts in the next few weeks.

In maths we have been looking at different types of graphs. We have been investigating how to present discrete and continuous data in different ways and have practised drawing bar charts and line graphs! Next week we will be moving onto what these graphs are actually telling us and how to interpret the information.

We have been looking at internet safety this week and the dangers of using the internet. We worked together to create a display for the rest of the school to explain to them how they could keep themselves safe.

Later in the week we also painted our canonic jars which I am sure you will agree look very realistic! Pictures to follow……!

Scientific discovery….

We have been working hard on our writing this week in Neptune class, finishing off our stories. This week we have been focusing on editing our work as we go along in the writing process. This has been quite challenging for some of us as we just want to get on with our writing! These stories are very nearly finished and we hope to share them with you when you come to visit on open evening in a few weeks.

In maths this week we have been looking at the properties of different shapes. Investigating different triangles and recognising the difference between isosceles, equilateral, right angles and scalene triangle. We then moved onto looking at different quadrilaterals, classifying them using properties such as number of parallel sides, number of angles and lines of symmetry.

We have become very scientific this week! Through looking at the digestive system a few weeks ago we decided to create our own investigation. We learnt that the acid inside the stomach breaks down the food to pass onto other organs such as the large and small intestines. We were put into groups and had to design our own fair test using different types of foods and different acidic liquids (coke, vinegar, lemon juice and orange squash). The main purpose of the investigation was for children to have the opportunity to plan their own investigation from scratch and think about how to make it fair. We are waiting for the results……..

Roots to Food….

This week began with Neptune class taking part in the Roots to Food workshop. They got the opportunity to learn about healthy eating and making healthy food choices. At the end of the workshop they had the chance to try their hand at some cooking and then taste their food!

In literacy this week we have been continuing to look at the story the Egyptian Cinderella and have started to plan our own versions of the story. We have looked at how the story breaks up into sections and have thought about how we can add our own creative spin on the story! At the end of the week we started writing the opening of the story, thinking about how to open a story to really encourage the reader to read on. Once upon a time was banned from the classroom and we had to start being a bit more adventurous!

In maths this week we have finished off our work on angles by looking at how to measure with a protractor. In year 4 children don’t need to measure accurately as they will look at this in more detail in year 5. However, we still looked at how to read the scale and which side of the protractor to look at. More importantly we practised how to line the protractor up on the line! Later on in the week we moved on to looking at shapes, identifying different triangles and quadrilaterals.

During our experience lessons this week we have been investigating the features of a river, in particular the River Nile. We used the atlases to follow the Nile and see it’s journey through several different countries. During the lesson we some of us imagined that we were travel agents and wrote about our journey down the Nile in a boat, while some of us created a travel brochure for the River Nile.

Egyptian Discovery….

This week has seen our new experience launch! On Monday the children were sent around the school to find clues and they all spelt out the word ANCIENT EGYPT! This gave us a big clue to what we are going to learn about this half term! We are incredibly excited and are already bombarding each other with interesting facts we have learnt!

In literacy this week we have been looking at the story Cinderella and comparing it to the Egyptian version – yes there is an Egyptian version! We have been looking at the similarities and differences between the two texts. At the end our experience we are going to be writing our own Egyptian story based on the Egyptian cinderella and therefore we did some research about different Egyptian gods and goddesses and using comparative conjunctions wrote about them.

In maths this week we have been investigating angles! Looking at acute, obtuse, right and straight angles. We are getting quite good at spotting the different types of angles and estimating them. Using a protractor is a little bit tricky but we are starting to get the hang of it!

Following our experience launch we have begun to look at Egyptian life, in particular the way the they looked after their bodies when they died. This led us to investigate the digestive system. The children learnt lots of new scientific words and of course enjoyed finding out about what happens to the nutrients that the body doesn’t need anymore!

Election Fever….

We have had such an exciting week in Neptune class! Miss Ash chose Neptune class, out of all the classes in the school, to deliver Flitch Green’s first ever general election.

In class we were all given a party to campaign for and then using the information provided we have to write a speech to persuade the rest of the school to vote for us. Next we had to elect a representative for our party and they were chosen to speak in front of the whole school and deliver our party message.

At 10:15 we delivered our first assembly and campaigned to the rest of the school to persuade them to vote. Each class were given a voting pack and asked to vote and deliver their votes in a sealed envelope.

After we received their votes we had to count them and analyse them. We produced a presentation to explain the results to the rest of the school. At the end of the day we shared the results with the whole school and staff. According to the first past the post system, labour won the whole school vote.

We are really excited to find out if our vote reflects the countries vote tomorrow!

Miss Ash and Miss Hodgkinson were really proud of how hard we worked and also how confidently we delivered both assemblies. Every single member of staff approached both teachers throughout the day to tell them what an amazing job we had done and how proud they should be of us.